Tado kicks off for Gola

Sheffield-based Tado has just completed a big project for Gola, designing a series of trainers, clothing and accessories for the footwear company.

All feature a vibrant colour scheme drawn from six characters: Berwyn, Botterill, Luxey, Martin, Pomme and Wellfed. The first set of items are available now as the Spring/Summer range, with Autum/Winter due later in the year.

The key concepts for the characters – and the project as a whole – were ‘sport’, ‘tradition’, ‘Britishness’, ‘creativity’, ‘humour’ and ‘timeless style’. Tado mixed these themes with its inimitable character style – also drawing on an advertising campaign from the 1970s called Team-Gola. These were clean-cut kids who lived life to do good deeds, so Tado pulled them into the 21st Century.

Berwyn is “everything great about British sports – hairy legs and all”. Botterill (whose shoes and bag are below) has an “unquestioning devotion to the game”.

Luxey and Wellfed (shoes and bag below) represent Britishness and nostalgia.

The two final characters, Pomme and Martin, represent a youthful audience who are new to the Gola brand, but are also its future.

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