Electric Rain has released version 5.0 of its Swift 3D software for adding 3D animations to Flash movies and Web sites.

Swift 3D 5.0 adds capabilities such as mesh morphing animations, user-controlled vector file optimization and an overhauled user interface to an already robust feature set. And with the ability to export projects to the 3DS file format, designers can now re-use their Swift 3D assets within other 3D applications, or Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended.

The Mesh Morpher allows users to animate the individual vertices and polygons of models for more professional-looking effects such as cloth, skin and object deformation. Users can apply a different vector render style to each object in the scene and render with a single pass, whiule the new Vector Optimizer has a live preview that offers real-time visual feedback while reducing file size of SWF files by 50 to 60 percent without significant loss of quality, according to Electric Rain.

The software boasts an updated user interface, which Eletric Rains says adds a sleek new look and improved workflow provided by a totally revamped UI and extended layout options.

Swift 3D 5.0 also gains the ability to export 3D scenes and animations to XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language), providing simulated 3D support for the Microsoft Silverlight online media platform, as well as the WPF desktop platform.

Swift 3D 5.0 is available for Windows for $295 (£147). Upgrades from previous versions start at $79 (£39).