Cambridge Animation Systems has started shipping Swiffworks for Maya 4.0 - the latest version of its plug-in that delivers Macromedia Flash output from the package says the company. Cambridge Animation Systems is better known for its Animo software for creating 2D cel animation. The new plug-in lets users use a Swiffworks material when creating Flash output, and offers independent control of ink lines and painted regions, allowing line thickness to be animated and coloured separately from the painted areas. Additional control over the colour, width, and generation of ink lines, including folds, silhouettes, region lines, borders and intersection lines is also available. The company says Swiffworks will be available for Mac OS X later this year. The company is making Swiffworks available for a special price of £149.99, or £199 bundled with Inkworks, Cambridge's toonshader. The product usually sells for £375, or £525 for the Inkworks bundle. The special pricing offer runs until August 31, 2001, according to the company.