Alien Skin has released its long-awaited follow up to its Eye Candy 3 filter set for graphics applications. Eye Candy 4000 includes 23 engineered-from-scratch filters and a whole host of new features. The upgrade feature set includes bevel profile and colour gradient editors, as well as seamless tiling for texture effects. All filters have unlimited levels of undo and the set includes many tradable presets for instant creation of complex effects. Very large previews are available, which include underlying layers, and real-world parameters have been implemented to allow the creation of resolution-independent effects. The support for RGB, CMYK and other image modes has been updated as well. The 23 filters are: wood, marble, melt, drip, corona, fire, smoke, chrome, shadowlab, bevel boss, glass, fur, jiggle, cutout, motion trail, water drops, gradient glow, weave, swirl, HSB noise, star, squint and antimatter – which should give users enough to play around for quite a while. Eye Candy 4000 works with Photoshop 4.0 or later, Fireworks 2 or later and Paint Shop Pro 5.0 or later – or any application capable of working with filters from one of the those apps.