Matrox has released version 4.1 drivers for its Digisuite video editing board. The free update includes new features, as well as speed boosts and other minor improvements, and works with both the LE and DTV versions of the board. Muilti-layered compositing can be rendered at 0.75 times realtime for each video layer that exceeds the card’s realtime capacity. Export of AVI files or DV is also faster in Premiere and Speed Razor (AVI only), as frames that are unchanged are copied rather than un- and recompressed in turn. The Digisuite 4.1 drivers also support the new Matrox SDI card, adding serial digital video input and output to the cards capabilities. For more technical users, the card can replace the North American 7.5 IRE pedestal on analog video input and output with 0 IRE to work with many NTSC DV devices from Japan. For the Digisuite DTV alone, working with Premiere or Speed Razor, video can be captured to MPEG-2 IBP format for DVD authoring. The 4.1 drivers can be downloaded from the Matrox Web site.