Extensis has announced version 10 of its Suitcase font management utility – as well as adding a server version of the product. The company has also released details of its plans for moving to OS X. Suitcase 10 adds global auto-activation, which automatically turns on fonts when you launch a document with fonts that are turned off, and improved font conflict handling. This is handled on a font suitcase level, rather than a font face basis. According to Extensis, a dialog box provides all of the information to decide which to keep active. The Suitcase Strip is a new menu added to the Mac’s control strip to activate or deactivate fonts without launching the Suitcase application. Fonts can be activated on demand by jobs, with Suitcase automatically resolving conflicts. The utility can also collect fonts for output by copying all necessary fonts for a job into a single folder. Other new features include contextual menus throughout the tool, font tracking to identify corrupt fonts, the ability to create empty suitcases, and support for Multiple Master fonts. Suitcase Server allows groups of designers to administrate their font use, allowing fonts attached to projects to be automatically downloaded or got rid of. Suitcase 10 costs £79.95 plus VAT. Suitcase Server costs £799.95 plus VAT and includes five client licences.