SUGARfx has released two new plug-in FxPacks; RadialWave and H.U.D. (Heads Up Display). These run within Noise Industries' FxFactory plug-in environment, which is designed to make it easier for developers to create plug-ins for Apple's Final Cut Studio and Adobe's After Effects.

RadialWave is a hypnotic animation effect that ships with 14 professionally designed presets. The new plug-in also includes extensive controls for those visual effects artists who want to push the creation boundaries of their designs. H.U.D. is a stylization plug-in that alters video so that it looks as though the viewer is looking through an old camera, a high-powered rifle scope and other technology gadgets.

RadialWave and H.U.D. cost US$69 and $79.00 respectively from the Noise Industries website. The software requires FxFactory to be installed, which can be download for free from the same site. They support After Effects CS3/CS4 and Final Cut Studio 2.

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