Olympus has announced the Camedia C-300 Zoom, the company’s first three megapixel camera for under £300. Shipping in late June, the C-300 Zoom is aimed at users who want to take quick, hi-res snaps and costs £299 including VAT. The camera features a 2.8x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 36-100mm on a 35mm model), backed up with a 3.6x digital zoom for a total zoom capacity of 10x. A macro mode allows users to capture images as close as 20cm away. Ease-of-use capabilities include fully automatic shooting modes, with six scene programme modes including portrait, landscape, motion picture and night-scene. The camera features TTL iESP focusing, which Olympus cites for ensuring sharp contours and rich textures, with a choice of digital ESP or spot metering for determination of exposure settings. The C-300 weighs only 240g and measures 117.5-x-66-x-49.5mm. It ships with the new Camedia Master 4.0 capture and management software, and connects to Mac or Windows PCs using USB.