Synthetik Software is showing off a new version of its Studio Artist graphics software at NAB in Las Vegas that it hopes to ship in the early summer.

Among the enhancements for Studio Artist 3.02 are Power Mac G5 and dual-processor optimization, a faster Vectorizer raster, additional image processing and paint synthesizer functionality and more. The new release will be a free update for existing 3.0 users.

Synthetik Software bills Studio Artist as a "graphics and video synthesizer." The software can render still images and rotoscoped video sequences, using user-configurable painting and drawing tools as well as an image processing and video effects suite.

Other changes in Studio Artist 3.02 include the Modular Synthesized Graphics (MSG) plug-in architecture, which enables users to build their own image processing and video effects. The software also features new enhanced animation capabilities, also.

Studio Artist 3.0 costs about US$380 (around £210); upgrades from previous versions cost about $180 (£100).