The founder of the sadly deceased The Orphanage and VFX supervisor for movies including Sin City, Stu Maschwitz, has joined Red Giant Software as the creative director for Magic Bullet products. Maschwitz is the original creator of the Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins.

"In my directing work, on projects big and small, I’m always finding ways that the filmmaking process can be made more efficient, more fun, and more accessible to all budget levels. Over the years I’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Red Giant Software, who have taken these ideas and turned them into tools that the world can enjoy. It’s great to make that relationship official," says Maschwitz.

In 2000, Maschwitz created the Magic Bullet Suite, a set of After Effects plug-ins that allowed users to create film-like output from any video source. Prior to 2007, The Orphanage owned the intellectual property behind Magic Bullet, but the product was published and managed by Red Giant Software.

Red Giant Software purchased Magic Bullet from The Orphanage in late 2006. Post-acquisition, Red Giant Software developed the Magic Bullet Colorista and Magic Bullet Looks colour tools. Magic Bullet software has been used in films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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