Pinnacle has released StreamFactory, the company’s streaming video encoder. The unit takes video in various formats and encodes into Real and/or Windows Media streams in realtime – which allows it to be used for live events as well as pre-recorded materials. The unit sits in a small (1RU), gray box that can easily be carried around (unlike a workstation-based encoding machines. It accepts digital media files for encoding through an Ethernet port but also has ports to receive native video and audio. Video formats supported include SDI, Y/C, YUV and composite video. Audio formats supported include AES/EBU digital audio and balanced and unbalanced analogue stereo audio. The unit uses custom ASIC technology to deliver a processing speed of over 1.5GB per second, according to Pinnacle. It also includes a removable 20GB hard drive and a CD-writer. The unit is controlled over an Ethernet network via a browser-based interface and can stream multiple bits rates in both supported formats in realtime. StreamFactory has a starting price of £8,120 excluding VAT.