The 20th anniversary edition DVD of Dirty Dancing is set to be released later this month, which has been newly authored courtesy of DVD production company Stream. Stream was responsible for designing the animated menus and authoring the DVD as part of a two week project.

Lions Gate Home Entertainment, the DVD distributors, selected Stream to oversee the production as a result of its successful involvement with a number of similar projects including Good Night and Good Luck, The Black Dahlia, Underworld Evolutions and Sarah Jane Adventures.

The menu functionality focuses around the dance studio which makes up a key element in the film and gives the viewer an environment from which they can navigate around to reveal the sub-menus. The DVD menu’s were all created and modelled in Autodesk 3ds Max and rendered using mental ray.

Compositing of the elements and footage was done in Adobe After Effects, and textures were sourced from the feature itself and created in Adobe Photoshop. Stream was given relatively free rein over the menu design, which incorporates 10 sub menus and was modelled to echo the early 60’s era in which the film is set.

Stream graphic designer, Mark Wingell, created the menus for the new DVD and explained: "The design was based upon the dance studio from the film. We re-created it in 3D and gave it texture using reference shots from the studio scenes. This model was then rendered out and After Effects was used to composite a short edit of the movie to look like it was coming through the sunlight in the window.

"For the sub-menus we used objects from the film, such as the watermelon and record player, to move into different sections of the disc. Menu audio was generated from the film soundtrack and plays through the record player in the 3d environment."

Lyndsey Duguid, in-house producer and project manager at Stream said, "Lions Gate Home Entertainment was keen to feature music from the film in all the menus, to appeal to the large number of fans who still love listening to the soundtrack. The movie is a classic, which still has strong appeal to all ages. We are positive the new DVD production will appeal to a new wave of film fans and will satisfy all those who saw it when it first came out in the 80’s."

Head of Operations at Lions Gate Home Entertainment, Mathilde Mansoz, added, “This is such a classic title that we wanted to keep the retrospective feel in the menu design, while still bringing it up-to-date for a contemporary audience. Stream has met our brief beautifully. The film is ready to be ‘discovered’ by a new generation, as well as rediscovered by the fans of 20 years ago."

The Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary Edition was released on the 22nd of October 2007. The cult film, first released in 1987, is set in 1963 and tells the story of ‘Baby’ Frances Houseman (Jennifer Grey) who goes on vacation with her family to a summer resort in the Catskills.

When Baby meets Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) at a late-night dance in the resort, her eyes are opened to a world of love, sex, betrayal and, most importantly, dancing. A loss-of-innocence story, it is the ultimate in chick-flicks.