Strata has released a series of plug-ins that allow 3D modelling within the new Extended version of Photoshop CS3. Adobe's new Photoshop release includes support for 3D layers, which allow 3D models to be imported, scaled-&-positioned, lit and rendered -- but there are no tools for creating or manipulated 3D models directly.

The company says that the 3D[in] plug-ins will be priced at less than $149 (around £76) and will ship in the spring of this year.

The three plug-ins - Design 3D[in], Foto 3D[in] and Live 3D[in] add 3D model-to-photo matching, Raydiosity rendering, spline and subdivision surface modeling, 3D model construction from photographs, and real-time 3D output for the web and PDF documents.

Match and model

Strata Design 3D[in] includes three powerful tools: Match[in], Model[in] and Render[in] -- which are synchronized to the Strata 3D application engine. Using Match[in] users can add 3D content and match the perspective in their Photoshop CS3 Extended project.

Model[in] will allow users to model new objects or modify existing objects and create new objects with tools such as
extrude, lathe, and subdivision surface modeling. Users can import Illustrator software outlines to loft into 3D objects.

Using Render[in], users will have the ability to compose final scenes, set up sophisticated lighting using High
Dynamic Range (HDR) images, generate soft shadows, reflected light, refractive materials and more.

Strata Foto 3D[in] allows users to generate 3D models from photographs shot from a standard digital camera. These
objects include the 3D model data as well as the photo-based surface textures.

Strata Live 3D[in] creates real-time interactive 3D content for Web sites and PDF documents from Photoshop CS3 Extended 3D content.