RealViz has released a freely-available update to its Sticher panorama creation software that adds tools to correct common errors found in image files. Version 5.1 also supports movie export and batch rendering.

Stitcher 5.1 offers new parameters to automatically correct the misalignment of the sensor with the centre of the lens, according to RealViz. The company says that this makes the alignment of images more accurate, creating sharper final panoramas.

The update includes external blending software, such as Enblend, which RealViz says drastically improves the rendering of parallax and misalignment errors.

Movies can exported in QuickTime and AVI formats from Stitcher 5.1. Camera positions and paths of motion can be created, with support for direction, orientation and zoom. Real-time playback of animations is possible within Stitcher, and files can be output at any resolution (from PAL/NTSC to HD and beyond).

Stitcher 5.1 costs €499 (around £345) and is available for Mac and Windows. RealViz has also created a new Web site around the product at