A Montreal-based start-up has secured financing to fund its battle to break through the growing network bottleneck caused by vast amounts of stored data. YottaYotta - named after the yottabyte, which is one trillion terabytes – will use the funding to finance the development and launch of the YottaYotta NetStorage Cube. Using patented architecture, the NetStorage Cube connects several controllers to a set of disk drives, boosting the speed at which data can be transmitted and cutting equipment costs. The fastest controller now operates at 80 to 100MBps, but this is expected to increase to 1GBps, and in time YottaYotta plans for yottabytes of data to be stored and transmitted. As use of the Internet grows, storage represents a critical issue for companies, such as phone and Internet service providers, which handle massive amounts of data. With consumers starting to store data – everything from digital photos to presentations – on the Internet, companies are turning to data centres and services that sell Net storage space. Rapidly increasing use of bandwidth for data-rich applications such as voice and video on the Net will also drive demand for storage to even higher levels in coming years.