Sony is sprucing up its digital photography products, releasing three digital cameras and a dye-sub printer designed for photos. The three Digital Mavica cameras are scheduled to ship in May in the US and shortly after this in the UK. The MVC-FD95 is priced at around £600; the FD908 at around £500; and the FD85 at around £500. The FD95 features 2.1-megapixel resolution and a 10X optical zoom. The FD90 captures 1.6 million pixels and can zoom to 8X. The FD85 captures 1.3 million pixels and can zoom to 3X. All capture color at 12 bits, and have a 3-to-2 aspect ratio, which produces 4-inch-by-6-inch prints without cropping. The high-end FD95 includes an image-stabilization feature to eliminate blurring when the camera shakes. All three models include a floppy disk drive to store images, and can operate in movie mode to capture about one minute of digital video. Sony plans to sell a £50 adapter so you can attach its Memory Stick flash-memory storage cards to these units. The 64MB Memory Stick costs £85 and stores about 40 times as much data as a floppy disk. For the FD95 and FD90, Sony also plans to sell a flash attachment priced at £70. The UP-DP10 dye-sub printer comes from Sony's professional products group rather than its consumer products group, and uses a different engine than the DPP-MS300 photo printer. The new unit can print full-bleed (that is, it can print right to the edge of the page without a border) in 2-to-3 or 3-to-4 aspect ratio, up to 4 inches by 6 inches. Sony expects the printer to ship this spring.