Sony: 'We have not added rumble' to PS3 controller

Sony denied recent reports in speaking to GamePro that rumble-enabled PS3 controllers are on the way. The company did acknowledge motion-sensing enhancements for the Sixaxis controller, however.

"We have not added rumble [to PS3], and have no announcements regarding this feature," said Dave Karraker, Sony's director of corporate communications.

Karraker did confirm that developers are receiving better motion-sensing controllers, though he downplayed the news.
"From time to time, we make minor enhancements to the controllers for our platforms," he said. "We recently sent out to the development community some new prototypes that have a slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analog sticks and the motion sensing within the Sixaxis controller.

"This is not a new controller, but is part of the normal development and evolution of controllers," he maintained.

Sony has been widely criticized for omitting rumble on the PS3, a technology that has been a staple to game controllers since Nintendo first introduced it in 1996 with the release of the Nintendo 64.

In February, Sony's Phil Harrison marginalized rumble when saying, "I think [rumble] was a last generation feature; it's not a next-generation feature."

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