The hardware division of Sony has announced it is now shipping a new portable CD-RW drive that doubles as a portable audio CD player. The drive costs around US£300 and comes with a one-year warranty. Called the CRX10U/A2, the new CD-RW drive is a member of Sony's product suite Digital Relay. The drive is battery-operated and can double as a standalone CD player, Sony said. When attached to a computer, the drive can be used for backing up a user's system, recording digital images and creating music CDs. When detached from a computer, the drive can function as a CD player, Sony said. The Digital Relay drive is bundled with software for both the Mac and Windows platforms. It also comes bundled with earphones and a wired remote control with LCD display, Sony said. The drive weighs 340g without battery. The battery weighs 95g and lasts two hours when recording at 4x speed, Sony said.