At Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2004 in Tokyo yesterday, further details surrounding the PSP (PlayStation Portable) have been announced, including an updated list of supporting developers, upcoming titles, and new specifications.

Rumours ran wild that the console had too little memory, with initial specs pegging it at 8MB. That however has been changed to 32MB, partially alleviating concerns of a memory bottleneck. Other noted features include a backlight, wireless LAN that allows up to 16 players to play with each other, and the ability to connect to a PlayStation 2 console via USB port.

The company also unveiled Talkman, voice recognition software that can pick up nine different languages. The software can not only transcribe what is spoken into the headset, but also translate it into different languages. The technology will be used for entertainment applications, with an educational language game demonstrated at the press conference. Talkman is slated for a simultaneous release with the PSP.

Twenty new software titles have been announced for the PSP, including some big name franchises such as Winning Eleven and RS Racing Evolution. Numerous developers and publishers have signed on to the PSP, according to Sony.