Sony Japan has unveiled three new digital still cameras in its Cybershot F series, including an updated version of its top-of-the-line camera, and has also launched a new home photo-printer. The first of the three new cameras, the DSC-F77, has a similar form to the DSC-F55DX that Sony launched in February 2001, but improves upon the earlier model, says the company. The F77 is smaller, measuring 93-x-7-x-27mm and weighing just over 150g. The lens, mounted towards the top of the body can swivel through 300 degrees. The camera has a USB cradle, through which images can be easily transferred to a PC. Features include a four-megapixel CCD, optical viewfinder and 1.5-inch TFT LCD panel. The device can record up to six minutes of video in Sony’s 320-x-240-pixel HQX video mode, the company claims. A second model, the FX77, is similar to the F77, but adds a Bluetooth feature that allows users to transfer their images via short-range wireless to a PC or other device. The function conforms to the Bluetooth BIP (basic imaging profile) specification for transferring images between Bluetooth devices. At the top of the digital-still camera range is a successor to Sony’s popular DSC-F707. The new DSC-F717 sports a 5x optical zoom and five-megapixel CCD. Other changes have been made to the camera’s electronics, says Sony, including an ISO 800 sensitivity setting; maximum shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second; more auto focus points; extra shooting and exposure modes; more white balance settings; and better noise reduction. Also new is a USB 2.0 port and support for Exif (exchangeable image file) 2.2 data in stored JPEG files. Prints among men
Sony also unveiled a home photo printer. The DPP-EX5 is much smaller than its predecessor, the DPP-SV55, and, like the earlier model, lets users print high-quality copies of their digital images without a PC. The quality has been left unchanged at 16.7 million colours and a resolution of 403dpi. The printer has three quality modes, and can also print game screen shots from the company’s PlayStation or PlayStation 2 game consoles. Prices of all four new products have yet to be announced. They will all go on sale in Japan in October, with worldwide release plans yet to be detailed.