Sony loves to surprise people with its new technology. During a relatively mundane two-hour press conference about Sony's half-year earnings, Kunitake Ando, the company's president and CEO, pulled out of his pocket a new digital still camera that was guaranteed to amaze. The new camera, which Sony made as a prototype to demonstrate the progress of its technology, weighs just 26g and measures 21.5-x-62.6-x-13mm. The company said that advanced chip-mounting technology which shrinks the space between connectors at the smallest point to just 67 microns, or about the same width as a human hair, is largely responsible for the camera's small size, although other compact parts were also squeezed into the package. A 1.4 cm LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that is just 4 mm thick and can display 180,000 pixels is fitted into the back to allow users to see the images they have taken. The images produced by the camera have a resolution of 330,000 pixels, equivalent to VGA resolution. A small Lithium Ion Polymer battery was also employed, and images are stored on Sony's Memory Stick Duo memory cards - a mini version of its Memory Stick card. The company has no immediate plans to market the device, since it was really built as a demonstration of the technologies Sony possesses, said a company spokesman - but all of the technologies will be used in future devices.