In a case that demonstrates the dangers of being overprepared, Sony on Monday managed inadvertently to advertise its new Clié handheld computer for sale on its Web site before the launch of the product. A photograph and specifications for the Clié PEG-N710C appear on the Sony Style Web page, along with a price tag of US$499 (around £350). The Clié, which runs on Palm operating system, will have 8MB of internal memory and an 8MB memory stick, according to information on the site. Sony apparently prepared the Web page in anticipation of the launch and accidentally let it go live earlier than intended. According to a "wish list" on the Web site, the device is set for release on May 28. The specifications are very similar to those of the Clié PEG-N700C, which was announced in Japan in March. The display has been upgraded to 320-x-320 pixels, compared to a 160-x-160 screen on the former model. The US version of the device will play both MP3 and ATRAC3 audio files, while the Japanese version does not play MP3s. The UK version, when launched in late summer, is likely to follow the US model according to sources at Sony. By this morning the page promoting the new Clié was not accessible from the Sony Style main site. Sony representatives confirmed that the device was not available yet, but could provide no additional details.