The SDM-N80 and SDM-M81 are the latest additions to Sony’s range of 18.1-inch LCD monitors. Both have maximum resolutions of 1,280-x-1,024 and cost £1,699 and £1,499 respectively excluding VAT. The N80 includes a DVI-I digital port that allows selection between digital or analogue input, stereo speakers and a 2up/2down USB hub. It has an Intelligent Auto-Adjustment feature that automatically optimizes the output (both for digital and analogue input), according to Sony. The company has also given it Digital Smoothing, which is designed to remove jagged edges even outside the monitors native resolution. The monitors can work in three modes: standard, text and graphics. The standard mode is designed for everyday work, while the other two boost contrast/detail and colour reproduction respectively. It also includes two sets of sensors – an infra-red User Sensor that powers the monitor up and down based upon whether there is a user in front of it or not and a light sensor that automatically adjusts screen luminance according to ambient room lighting. The M81 drops the sensors, USB hub and Intellgent Auto-Adjustment feature and adds Gamma adjustment for better colour control.