For the launch of its Bravia E4000 series of LCD TVs, Sony has teamed up with Ronnie Wood’s gallery Scream, to release a limited edition USB key containing what its says is the first ever artwork to be made available exclusively for display on an LCD TV.

The keys can be purchased at

Sony is producing a limited edition series of 500 2GB USB keys, designed by resident Scream artist Bruce French, containing exclusive pieces taken from the innovative ‘Scream in High Definition’ exhibition: Matthew J Dean's One for the Girls, Jaap de Vries's Mastforrest, Paul Karslake's The Lion, and Soozy Lipsey's Circus Circus.

Bruce French comments; "I thrive on the opportunity to work with innovative and unique formats. Working with Sony to create a bespoke design for their USB Key has been a first for me and has been a genuine challenge, helping me to push my work beyond the boundaries of traditional art."