Apple has reached a deal with Sony to offer TV shows from the broadcaster through the UK iTunes Music Store.

Content is being uploaded to the iTunes service right now. You'll also see a newly-introduced Fox Television Classics selection, but this currently yields nothing but a blank page, meaning the channel is ready but the content isn't quite there yet - or perhaps a simple test of the database is taking place. However, the Sony Pictures channel now includes the following shows: Damages, The Larry Sanders Show, News Radio and animations, Jackie Chan Adventures and Spiderman.

Once again, Apple appears to have yielded to demands for flexible price: the Spiderman, News Radio and Jackie Chan Adventures episodes cost £1.19 (US$2.38) each; while The Larry Sanders Show costs £1.49 per episode and Damages will set you back £1.89 per show.

This news suggests Apple to be slowly moving away from a one price fits all model in response to demands from rights holders, certainly in terms of TV shows, indicating the company is willing to make certain concessions in order to help roll-out film download services internationally.