Sony has announced its Artisan Colour Reference System (CRS) – a three-part tool including a display, sensor, and calibration software – at this week’s Seybold San Francisco conference and expo. Costing around £1,200 plus VAT, the CRS is engineered to deliver “stable, accurate, and repeatable” colour results for design applications used by graphics professionals, photographers, and engineers, Sony says. The Artisan CRS includes a 21-inch (19.8-inch viewable) Sony GDM-C520K display, display hood, USB colour sensor, and software. The display is Mac- and Windows-compatible, and boasts FD Trinitron and aperture grille technologies. The colour sensor is a puck-sized device physically applied to the display; it works in conjunction with Sony’s software to read and communicate the colour spectrum to the displayed image. The Artisan CRS adjusts bias and gain to achieve accurate colour and perfectly neutral greys, according to Sony. Users can toggle between different industry colour-spaces including RGB-D50 (professional printers), RGB-65 (consumer and digital photography), and SRGB-D65 (Web publishing). The Artisan CRS implements colour consistency through a constant contrast ratio by anchoring white and black. Controlling contrast and brightness is entirely automated, and there are built-in controls for ambient light conditions. The Artisan CRS’ one-touch colour system software always calibrates to an absolute specification in order to keep colour representation homogeneous on a daily basis, Sony claims.