Sony has released a whole new range of Vaio laptops. Comprising of eight models in total, two of which are designed to handle the needs of creative designers. The PCG-FX109K is the flagship of the full-size FX range. It’s based around an 850MHz Intel Pentium III processor with a 256KB Level 2 cache and includes 128MB of RAM as standard (upgradable to 512MB) and a 30GB hard drive. The laptop has a 15-inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1400-x-1050. It uses an Intel Graphic Technology chip, which offers 3D hardware acceleration with 11MB of Dynamic Video Memory. The FX109K follows the current trend of having a fixed CD/DVD drive and a removable floppy drive, which can be replaced with a second drive, a second battery or a weight-saver. It raises the stakes by replacing the usual DVD drive with a combination DVD and CD-RW drive that offers 8x CD-R, 4x CD-RW, 8x DVD-ROM and 24x CD-ROM. The laptop also offers an IEEE 1394 port (FireWire, or i.Link as Sony calls it), two USB ports, two PCMCIA card slots, serial and parallel ports, built-in modem and ethernet ports, and a TV-out port. It uses a single Lithium-Ion battery with a life of three hours (six hours using the optional second battery) and weighs 3.1kg (with battery but without accessories). It also ships with Sony’s DVGate video and still capture software, Adobe’s Premiere LE editing software and a host of consumer tools. The FX109K shipped today for £2,809 plus VAT. Sony has also shipped the £2,189 (plus VAT) FX108K, which includes broadly the same spec as the FX109K. However the FX108K is based around a 750MHz Pentium III processor, and has a maximum resolution of 1024-x-768, a 20GB hard drive and an 8X DVD drive instead of the FX109K’s combination DVD/CD-RW drive.