In the US, Sony Electronics has announced the addition of a 2GB Memory Stick Pro card ("about US$700") to its line-up of storage options compatible with the company's digital cameras and other mobile devices.

The entire line of Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo media will also receive higher read/write speeds, up to 10MB/s, later this year. They'll be identifiable by their red colour and the addition of the words "High Speed".

The 256MB ($100), 512MB ($170) and 1GB ($350) Memory Stick Pro media, as well as the 256MB ($105) and 512MB ($175) Memory Stick Pro Duo, will be available in High Speed in October, with the 1GB ($350) Memory Stick Pro Duo and new 2GB Memory Stick Pro cards shipping in November.

At the same time, Sony will also recast its original line of Memory Stick Pro and Pro Duo media in black casing and drop the prices to $80 and $150 for the 256MB and 512MB Pro sticks, respectively, and $85 and $155 for the 256MB and 512MB Pro Duo sticks, respectively.

The company has also introduced a three-in-one USB 2.0 reader/writer, MSAC-USM1, that accepts Memory Stick, Duo, Pro and Pro Duo media, as well as MicroDrive and Type I and II CompactFlash cards. Pricing is "about $30".