DVD authoring overlord Sonic Solutions has released version 3.1 of its AuthorScript developer toolset. AuthorScript is used by Sonic’s licensees to build DVD authoring functionality into their video applications, and forms the basis of tools such as Adobe’s forthcoming DVD authoring tool. Version 3.1 of AuthorScript adds support for OpenDVD, Edit-on-DVD, multiple menus, transcoding and more. OpenDVD is a technology developed by Sonic that allows the contents of a DVD to be revised without having to re-author the whole disc from the original source files, and can even be written back to the same disc if a rewritable format is used. Edit-on-DVD allows only a small portion of an OpenDVD disc to be transferred to the user’s hard disc for editing, which should speed up editing times. Support for multiple menus allows AuthorScript-developed applications to create more complicated menu structures. Transcoding allows the applications to work with non DVD-compliant formats, include QuickTime, and convert them to the relevant format for DVD, VCD and SVCD. Other new features include direct disc burning and support for DVD+R/RW discs.