Sonic Solutions has announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy InterActual Technologies for $8.8 million (around £4.8 million). InterActual offers solutions for integrating DVD content with the Internet and additional on-disc bonus features.

Sonic hope that the acquisition will strengthen its position within the Hollywood-based DVD production community and broaden its professional DVD authoring product line with advanced Web-linking technologies.

Sonic claims that InterActual’s Web-enabled DVD playback capabilities will soon be integrated into Sonic’s consumer DVD software applications (MyDVD and DVDit!) as well as its AuthorScript DVD creation engine, licensed by Adobe, Microsoft, Sony, and others.

As a result of the acquisition, Sonic will acquire InterActual’s Web-enabling technologies including its portfolio of 17 patents and patent applications, the InterActual Player, and all engineering and service operations.

Sonic plans to continue to market the InterActual brand and spotlight logo as part of the Sonic product family. Sonic also plans to continue InterActual’s cross-platform licensing strategy to enable third-party DVD players and authoring solutions to play and access InterActual bonus content.