Sonic brings DVD to the professionals

Sonic Solutions has released a suite of products and technologies aimed at combining its DVD heritage with the current hot property market of streaming media over the Internet. DVDit! PE (Professional Edition) is a new addition to the DVDit! range – aimed at those who want to get more from DVD technology. The product includes streaming DVD, cDVD and improved features for creating Web-enabled DVDs. Streaming DVD has nothing to do with the solid storage format, but instead streams video across the Internet in DVD-Video and MPEG-2 video form. Sonic claims that this delivers higher quality video than any of the current streaming formats. Users can view these broadcasts using updated versions of RealPlayer or through a new desktop player. cDVD allows DVD-Video’s mix of menus, graphics, sounds and video to be placed on a CD with an integrated player. This allows the cDVDs to be played on any CD-ROM drive and are much cheaper to duplicated than DVDs – although they only hold under a seventh of the information of a DVD. It also adds Web tools – as well as including facilities for multiple audio streams (for example, to include a choice of language tracks). A subtitle generator sits alongside this. A simple timeline has also been added with basic trimming and editing tools, as has a chapter point editor and support for Dolby Digital Audio. DVDit! PE costs around £600. Sonic has also released version 2.0 of DVDit! SE, which adds a chapter point editor and support for cDVD. This costs around £300. All versions of DVDit! are Windows only – although Mac versions should ship in October for the first time.

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