Sonic Solutions has updated the software of the Scenarist DVD authoring solution to include support for the company’s SD series of MPEG-encoders and disc imaging engine. The update follows the purchase of Scenarist developer and major rival Daikin by Sonic last month. Scenarist 3.0 can work with the SD-1000, Sonic’s leading hardware encoder, to encode MPEG-2 video. The SD-1000 can use one- or two-pass constant bit-rate (CBR) or variable bit rate (VBR) encoding on standard definition video (PAL or NTSC). According to Sonic, Scenarist is used to produce the majority of commercial DVD titles available today and is the only product that can work with DVD-Video specifications such as active subpicture, jacket picture, non-seamless and seamless multi-angle switching and full karaoke support.