3D modelling, animation and rendering suite Softimage|XSI has been expanded to include four new variations on the product. XSI previously was available in the standard Essentials and the expanded Advanced versions, XSI Advanced adding more feature such as a 2D/3D compositing system, particles and soft bodies systems, and a hair and fur dynamics system. Both XSI Essentials and Advanced gain Workstation and Enterprise variations. Workstation is aimed at smaller facilities that don’t need the suite’s networking functionality – and is locked to a specific dongle on Windows or Linux systems or an Irix machine’s system ID. Enterprise is aimed at larger houses. It allows licenses to float across networks, between different departments, and can supply licenses to machines using any of the different operating systems supported by XSI. It also includes network rendering management features and other project management features. It can also be combined with the recently released XSI Batch and BatchUniversal rendering options. Softimage|XSI Essentials Workstation costs around £4,750 plus VAT, with Essentials Enterprise costing around £5,600 plus VAT. XSI Advanced Workstation costs £8,225 plus VAT, while XSI Advanced Enterprise costs around £9,800 plus VAT.