Softimage has released Alienbrain 8.2, the newest update to its digital asset management system. Alienbrain 8.2 now offers artists and technical directors full 64-bit integration with the latest versions of popular 3D and art packages including Sofitmage|XSI, Autodesk 3ds Max 2009, and Autodesk Maya 2008.

Alienbrain 8.2 also offers an updated software developers kit (SDK) with native 64-bit pipeline integration for customer-built workflows. Many customer-requested administrative and client software enhancements ship with Alienbrain 8.2 which Softimage says improve productivity and allow remote teams to work faster and more efficiently.

The new features include a 64-bit SDK with C++ programming allowing production studios to custom build native 64-bit pipeline integration; enhanced bucketing support that removes older versions of assets; shared client caches that allow administrators to easily create cache configuration files and scripts that automatically update remotely shared client caches; custom differencing tools allowing users to configure custom differencing tools for all text asset types; and Visual Studio integration that improves running remote connections

Alienbrain 8.2 is now available for current Alienbrain 8 customers for download from the Softimage Web site.