Softimage has revealed Softimage|Net, its new community site, which will be maintained and operated by Softimage for 3D artists and enthusiasts who are currently using or learning Softimage|XSI professional 3D modelling, animation, character creation and rendering software.

The company says that the primary objective of Softimage|Net is to engage and connect the worldwide community of XSI artists, technical directors and students with an interactive forum and framework that helps them succeed in their 3D education path or professional career.

The site is premiering as a public ‘beta’ release in order to grow organically and solicit constructive feedback from the existing XSI user community. Suggestions and opinions from the community will help Softimage develop and cultivate logical and useful formats, forums and content. Softimage plans to continually develop and fine tune Softimage|Net after the ‘beta’ cycle has finished.

Features offered on Softimage|Net include forums for all aspects of Softimage|XSI software; user galleries for 3D artwork and animations; a content exchange for XSI scripts, add-ons, plug-ins and presets; and a job forum and XSI talent bank —helping XSI artists and employers find each other

The forums will include help areas, allows users network with other professionals and XSI users globally, and connect with Softimage staff and developers directly. There will also be a showcase of XSI artwork for comments and critiques, training access for beginners to advanced techniques, a Job forum so users can post jobs or seek work, and a centralized area with free add-ons, presets and scripts.

The Softimage|Net community will be moderated by selected members of the global XSI community, as well as product managers, developers, engineers, designers and technical staff from Softimage.