Softimage has released a new version of it 3D character facial animation technology, Softimage Face Robot 1.9. Softimage Face Robot enables professional 3D artists to create realistic human character facial animations quickly and easily, eliminating complex technical rigging steps.

SOFTIMAGE Face Robot 1.9 introduces a new Maya exporter that facilitates moving completed facial rigs and animation data from Face Robot into Maya. The interoperative workflow enhances pipeline export and custom data exchange, allowing artists to integrate facial rigs created in Face Robot into pipelines built on Softimage|XSI software, Autodesk Maya software, or between any other professional3D animation software packages.

The new export system for Maya software that allows artists to create a shape-based version of Face Robot deformers, and move it directly into Maya. This new feature builds on the recent addition of a new 23-part training video supplement, seven ready-to-use preset head models, and seamless operation with Softimage|XSI software and its Crosswalk, MOTOR (motion transfer), Delta Referencing and Animation Layers features.

Softimage Face Robot 1.9 is available now.