Following our story on whether creative professionals should upgrade to Vista -- a decision that can largely be based on whether their core applications are fully supported -- Softimage and Daz Productions have detailed their products' current support for Microsoft's new operating system.

"Softimage|XSI 6 runs on Vista," Kevin G Clark, global marketing manager at Softimage, told Digit -- though "there might be combination of Vista and hardware that might not work though."

"We are totally committed in supporting XSI on Vista and will address all blocking issues escalated to us."

Currently, says Clark, the only major issue is that the licence server for Softimage|XSI isn't compatible with Vista, which is due to the operating system's extra security technologies. Softimage is working on a solution for this.

As with all of the major 3D suites, use of XSI on Vista will be hampered by the lack of full video drivers for workstation-class graphics cards. There are currently no Vista-compatible drivers for ATI's Fire GL range of boards, and nVidia's describes the driver set for its Quadro FX boards as "basic".

Video issues with Daz suites

Daz Productions' applications should work fine under Vista, with only a few issues related to video.

The company says that there have been no issues discovered so far with Bryce and Carrara in Vista, except for a small problem with AVI videos files. A workaround is possible, and a fix will be included in the next release of or update for each application.

Daz|Studio isn't compatible as its interface was created in a QuickTime environment, so an update will be needed before the application can be used under Vista. Hexagon, however, works fine, according to Daz.