From Nexus Productions' directing duo Smith & Foulkes come two commercials for this month's big computer game launch, The Sims 3.

Watch Smith & Foulkes' spot for The Sims 3.

The two thirty second films, each rendered in high-definition 3D animation, show a new beginning for hundreds of Sims characters as they discover their new home – a pristine seaside town set in an idyllic valley – and what they can do there. As a god-like voice over announces their creation they stream into the town, filling it with life in all its varied – and sometimes anarchic - glory.

Almost all the characters and sets were designed by the Nexus team using the new in-game software but animated with Smith & Foulkes’ trademark wit and comedy, from fantasy wives to death-defying grannies.

Alan Smith, one half of Smith & Foulkes, comments, "The idea was simply to bring a bit of epic cinematic silliness into the lives of the Sims as they discovered Sunset Valley, the dawn of a new age."

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