For users who don’t want to spoil the sleek lines of their Titanium G4 PowerBook, SmartDisk has announced a range of drives designed to complement Apple’s trendy laptop. The Titanium range includes portable CD/RW, floppy and hard drives and are encased in silver exteriors. The VST FireWire Thin Drive portable hard drive is available in 10GB (£149 plus VAT), 20GB (£199 plus VAT) and 30GB (£279 plus VAT) configurations. It weighs just 184g and measures only 76-x-142-x-18mm. It also requires no external battery pack as it’s powered by its IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connection. The VST FireWire Portable CD-R/W Drive offers 8x writing, 8x re-writing and reads CDs at 24x. It costs £239 plus VAT. The USB Titanium Floppy Drive reads and writes to standard 3.5-inch 1.44MB disks. It offers a transfer rate of 500kB per second. The drive costs £54.99 plus VAT. All drives are also Windows compatible, with the CD/RW drive including burning software for both platforms.