Syflex has announced that their cloth simulator plug-in is now available for Houdini users on Linux and Windows. The product is also compatible with Maya and Softimage.

The plug-in allows artists to rapidly and reliably produce cloth simulations that adapt to a character's movements, claims Syflex. Artists can animate wide-ranging articles of clothing - shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets - in a broad spectrum of materials and fabrics, such as cotton, leather and silk.

"We are very pleased that the Syflex plug-in is now available to Houdini customers. It integrates seamlessly into our package and is very stable numerically. We expect that many of our customers working both in character animation and in visual effects will greatly benefit from this powerful technology," said Cristin Barghiel, director of product development, Side Effects Software.

The Syflex plug-in for Houdini is available now at $2200 (around £1200) for a floating license.