Lasersoft has released the first version of SilverFast SE, a cut-down version of the company’s high-end SilverFast Ai scanner software. The initial release is Epson-SE, which works with the majority of Epson scanners. The company has also release SilverFast DC-SE, a cut-down version of the company’s digital camera capture software. Both new products include intelligent auto-adjust and LAB-based unsharp masking. Other features include real-time correction, a colour-cast removal slider, simple selective colour correction and RGB-TIFF and JPEG output. Epson-SE includes the ScanPilot wizard for novices while DC-SE adds printing to the Image Overview. SilverFast Epson-SE and DC-SE are available for around £35 for the Mac OS and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.