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Digital hiring platform Easle takes the fight on late pay for your work to a higher level.

Being paid late - or not being paid at all - is a common downside to freelancing in the creative industries, and it seems the problem isn't getting any better according to a new survey from digital hiring platform Easle.

The site, which specialises in letting brands hire freelance creatives, has released the results of researching how often its users receive payments on time. The picture isn't a pretty one as you can guess, with over 50% saying invoices were being paid over a month late for every job. Of those who write off invoices, the average amount a year was over £2,000, which is pretty shocking.

In order to combat the problem, Easle has today set up a government petition to bring the fight on companies to a higher level, proposing an establishment of penalties on the systematic late payment of invoices. While the idea of brands one day showing respect to the talent who make them look good will long be a pipe dream, this is still an important step in combating a perennial problem.

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The issue isn't just one of impatience, either; some of those surveyed told of how delays have worsened their anxiety and contributed to mental health problems

Interestingly, the problem of late payments applies to companies both big and small, and explanations (if they come) usually constitute of passing the blame upon respective finance teams, with barely any effort to chase up complaints.  Apologies are even rarer.

To end on a good note, the best for payments are public sector organisations like Ofcom, BBC and Channel 4. Clearly then there is a cultural difference between public and private sectors on the issue, to nobody's surprise.

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