SIGGRAPH: Web to the Max

Pulse Entertainment has announced version 4.0 of its series of 3D Web tools. Creator allows interactive 3D animations and environments to be designed, which are streamed to end users through Pulse's Player. The company has also updated its Producer tool to version 4.0, which converts 3D Studio Max scenes into a Web-ready form. Version 4.0 of Pulse's tools include adaptive subdivision smoothing. This converts objects' surface geometry into subdivision surfaces, which allows multiple detail levels on different areas of the same object. This can severely reduce the number of nodes on objects, increasing the quality of detailed areas when the scenes are streamed. Also included in the latest release is support for Open GL, a new inverse kinematics class, and support for variable sizes of lightmaps of up to 1024-x-1024 pixels. Creator also includes automatic lip-synch facility which adapts to constraints of streaming media. Pulse has also announced that Producer is to be bundled with 3D Studio Max.

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