In addition to announcing the continuing sale and development of 3D figure modelling-&-animation tool Poser, Curious Labs is to expand the product to higher-end users with the Poser Power Pack. The company, made up of the Poser development team from previous publisher Metacreations, is to release the pack in the autumn. The pack adds many features to Poser: including multiple view ports of a scene, easier custom character set-up and faster on-screen 3D performance. Motion blur has been implemented for final rendered animations. Scripting has also been added, using the Python open source language. Plug-ins for Lightwave 6 and 3D Studio Max are included in the pack – as are export modules to Metastream and Flash formats. The 3D application plug-ins allow a wide range of data to be shared back and forth between Poser and the 3D tools: including character animation, figure bending, scene and keyframe data. The Poser Pro Pack will be available for Windows and Mac platforms, and will cost around £150.