NewTek has released LightWave 9.3 at the SIGGRAPH 2007 trade show here in San Diego California.

LightWave 9.3 provides improvements in rendering technology, including: the ability to render lines with photorealistic motion blur; two new sub-surface scattering shaders that are significantly faster than earlier shaders, and higher quality as well. The update also includes various performance enhancements throughout the product; as well as numerous maintenance improvements.

The new version is the first to run natively on Intel Macs. As a Universal Binary, it can be installed on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs. Other improvements in LightWave 9.3 include advancements in the LightWave software developer’s kit and scripting language to provide greater access to third parties and artists for creation of custom plug-ins and effects.

LightWave 9.3 is available free to all registered owners of LightWave v9.