Twelve leading digital content creation software developers previewed new applications designed to run on the forthcoming Intel Itanium processor. Companies demonstrating new Itanium processor-based software at Siggraph include Arete Image Software Digimation, Cebas, Discreet, Messiah Project, NewTek, Next Limit, Reyes Infografica, Right Hemisphere, Softimage, TGS and Volume Graphics. These workstation applications will take advantage of the Itanium processor's floating point performance, scalability and large memory addressability in performing complex 3D modeling, animation, scene rendering, video editing and special effects. "Itanium processor-based workstations will be the creative engine for designers who need uncompromised performance for developing digital content targeting the Internet, broadcast TV, film and other professional media," said Dennis Goo, digital media solutions director at Intel Corporation. "Workstation platforms based on the Itanium processor will enable users to meet ever more stringent time-to-market pressures while creating dazzling special effects, complex data visualizations, and in-depth analysis." Designed to address the requirements of high-end servers and workstations, the Itanium processor is the first in a family of IA-64 processors from Intel.