Discreet used the US-based Siggraph 2001 show to launch Combustion 2, an update to its Digit Best Buy award-winning paint, animation, and 3D compositing software. Slated to ship byt eh end of 2001, it will cost $3,495 (around £2,500). Combustion 2 includes new multi-format project capabilities, including video, HDTV, and 64-bit colour. New, advanced tools include a fully editable, interactive schematic view, an intuitive compositing flowchart designed to make visual effects easier and quicker to create, plus a fully integrated 2D particle system. An expansive and interactive text and motion graphics module has been included, says Discreet, as will garbage masking technology compatible with Discreet Inferno, Flame, and Flint. A new, highly optimized 2D software renderer should see performance gains, says Discreet, and version 2 includes high performance OpenGL support. A new network rendering task manager similar to 3DS Max will provide a simple way to manage background rendering requirements. Expanded film capabilities include support for up to 16 bits per channel colour, 10-bit Cineon files, colour look-up table, and advanced grain management tools. It will be available for both Mac OS and Windows workstations, with support for Mac OS X.