SIGGRAPH: Boris FX announces Boris Red2

Boris FX, creator of Boris FX and Graffiti, has announced a new version of Boris Red – its 3D compositing and title-effects plug-in suite for nonlinear editing systems (NLE). New features in Boris Red2 include bezier rotoscoping for creating moving mattes inside the NLE system; vector paint tools that allow users to quickly create animated graphics with full keyframe control; and the ability to extrude and warp imported EPS files as well as warp, distort and animate text. Furthermore, with Boris Red2, users can now export direct to Macromedia Flash and QuickTime from within the host NLE system or by using the standalone Boris Red2 keyframer. Boris Red2 will be available later this year; pricing is expected to be around £1,200 with upgrades available for existing users.

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