The award nominees for the Siggraph 2009 Computer Animation Festival to be held in New Orleans this August have been announced. The festival sits alongside the Siggraph 2009 conference and trade show.

The organizers say that nominees were chosen from 770 submissions from around the globe, presented by both professional studios and students alike. In all, more than 140 films will be shown during the Computer Animation Festival. The award winners will be announced during the conference.

The nominees for 'Best in Show' include Engel zu Fust (Angel Afoot), French Roast, and Silhouettes of Jazz

In Engel zu Fust by Studio Soi, the angel Waltraud has fallen from the sky. Her wings have shrunk and she can no longer fly. She takes up with a troop of circus performers who help remind her how an angel gets her wings back.

French Roast is set in a fancy Parisian café on the Sixties and was created by The Pumpkin Factory and Bibo Films. An uptight businessman is about to pay the check when he finds out that he's lost his wallet. To save time he decides to order more coffee. With no dialogue, the story is told through character animation, music, and sound. Staging is made of a single frontal master shot with a big mirror in the background to create the equivalent of a reverse shot.

Silhouettes of Jazz is an experimental animation by Dominik Käser, Martin-Sebastian Senn, Mario Deuss, Mark Pauly, and Niloy J Mitra. It outlines the history of traditional jazz music in a virtual walkthrough of a shadow art museum. Improvisation, a key ingredient of jazz music, is mirrored in the ambiguity of a shadow sculpture (many different 3D shapes can cast the same 2D shadow). The movie highlights five different milestones in the evolution of jazz: the early songs of field workers, ragtime, New Orleans jazz, swing, and bebop. Each era is represented by a single 3D sculpture that casts multiple shadow images simultaneously.

The Jury Award nominees kicks off with Dix by The Mill. This is a dark, harrowing short film showing the complexities of psychological and obsessive behaviour. An intricate part of the film was how the creators chopped up their main actor. They had to find solutions for every shot in order to achieve the best results. Some of the shots are 2D visual effects while others needed a 3D model animated on top of the actor and then cut revealing the actor's flesh and blood.

Love Child by Taiwan's Digital Media Design Education Center is a visual capture of character creation software making digital construction of a new born infant character that is both visually and politically stunning. Anima by Supinfocom Valenciennes uses animals and their forms as its center piece. An elephant is seen escaping the city, but it seems the city itself is made of animals or the shapes of animals. The graphics and lighting in this film make it immensely compelling.

The Student Prize nominees are Dim Sum, Incident at Tower 37 and Project: Alpha. The
WTF (Well Told Fable) Prize nominees include friends?, Unbelievable Four and the Mini Cab Company ad for Fernet 1,882.