All of Me is the first video from the South African singer Chris Chameleon's latest album, Made Available. The video is a collaboration between Brighton based Shotopop and the nice people from WIZZ in Paris.

Designed and directed by Shotopop and produced by WIZZdesign, the video features an array of paper sets, a mass of paper cut-outs, some careful hand held camera work, and some nifty 3D touches courtesy of the skilled hands at WIZZ. The result is a mix of mediums, minds and techniques all tied together to form an emotionally charged visual journey set to a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.

The video can be seen on the Shotopop Web site. We spoke to Shotopop's Casper Franken about how the project came together.

DA: How did you come to work on the project?

CF: Just after signing the shiny white papers in gold ink as the newest director for WizzDESIGN, Shotopop received a flattering email from Mr Chris Chameleon, South African rock star and acoustic king, asking us if we would be interested in doing a music video for a song on his new album.

At the same time Wizz and Shotopop were in the process of putting together a short that could attract some attention in the industry, so after a little haggling and a lot of convincing, we managed to entice two fillies with one foal and combined the two opportunities, which luckily saved us from the looming need to turn one of the opportunities down.

DA: What was the brief or concept you were working too?

CF: By the grace of the creative gods, Mr Chameleon provided us with a narrative frame work but gave us a lot of freedom to play... and run and skip and get dirty, with the visuals. He had a 'cycle of life' thing going in on his story that he wrote for us in such melodious manner, which gave us a base from which to work. Luckily, he really wanted to do something new and allowed us to go ahead and do what we thought would be most suitable. Although there are obvious benefits of not being too constrained and having constant client interference, it was challenging to answer a brief with almost no parameters set.